evotution is nothing but the fairy tale of Humanist 

+ this fictitious myth is being religeously taught as fact to our children

when we are not even allowed to mention the Name of the real God

 do you want to know how I can prove this a lie

by pointing out the obvious fact that is totally rediculous

the orbit is so finicky that it is extreemly amazing

that it came into an orbit in the first place

now this is where I thow a wrench into this perfect picture

the sun is extreemly bright right,,,

it is so bright because of it burning its fuel

and the sun must loose mass as it burns its fuel

how do you explain all of the planets in our solar system

remaining in orbit while the sun loosing its gravitational pull

over such a great amount of time = billions of years

I heard that because of the yearly sediment of space dust,

that the moon will leave its orbit within about 10 000 years

how about the earth, how much dust does it gain yearly, and wouldn't it effect the earths orbit around the sun. There are too many variables to believe it stayed in this perfect orbit for billions and billions of years.

This is totally rediculous, and we should tear down this evolution hoax


the Word

Can I tell you “the rest of the story”, I promise you, it’s a wonderful story?


Can I tell you a story? Not just another story, like so many others, but one that is so wonderful, that your mind will have to say that it must to be fictional.

This story is so amazing, so beautiful and wonderful, at first you will probably do with it, the same that the rest of the world does with it.

Your mind will think to write it off, as just another fairy tale.

But this story, as fantastic as it sounds, is by no means fiction, but the purest truth.

Though the world will, and does, do everything in its power to blur the facts, leave out most of the important details, to

I however, will give you the whole story, backing it up with logic, factual evidence, historic writings, and common sense.

The writings are some of the most powerful evidence we have, that He really is God, and all the stuff written about him is true.

- There were manuscripts, almost exact copies of the ones that we have now, in our bibles, way back in the times of Christ

o They were produced back when witnesses were there,,, if they were lies, the witnesses would have protested, and would have been destroyed

- If they were false teachings, they would have been thrown out, any time they were found.

- They would surely have not kept them, in such #s.,,, and why are they all the same? Isn’t that a sure sign, that it was not just being made up


- Then, there is the bible code,,, which has future events written in the bible in code

o Which is a sign of great intelligence in the first place, just to write words and sentences in code, let alone, to be prophecies,,, with details even, like names and dates








Bible bookmarks













This world we live in


We live in a world made by God, but run by Satan.

Satan does not have all power though,,,

- Satan was kicked out of the first heaven,

- Because he thought of himself as an equal with his Creator.

o I think that the first heaven is someplace outside of this universe

o The second heave is this universe

o The third heaven is our atmosphere, surrounding our earth

- So, Satan and the 1/3 of the angels which chose to rebel with him, are not only here on earth, but are also out there in the vast space around us

- Satan is the god of this world

- Satan will be cast out of the second heaven too, mid way through the 7 years on tribulation

o The tribulation will start, when Israel signs a peace treat for 7 years

§ This will be seven Jewish years, of 360 days each, = 2520

o He will no doubt inhabit the body of the anti-christ,

§ Or the ruler of the European union, maybe even the whole world

§ This body will be dead, killed by somebody

§ There by, claming to be Christ, imitating His resurrection



Hello there,

This is just something that I was working on today, involving about 3 hours of my time,

I think that it was time well spent, and as with most all time and effort, spent on His Word, does a body good, not to mention the mind and soul

My plan was, working this into one of my websites,

This group of websites, which I was thinking of adding to, by creating more, I was hoping could be of use to others,

I know that it is a large chore, but I was hoping to build up a repository of all of my biblical writings ,,,,,,,,

This happens to be quite the large amount of writing, which I only pray, He was a big part of,

As this is one of the things that I like to do, not as a job, but more as a pass time, which I enjoyed greatly,

This is what I call, one pleasant thing that I enjoy doing most,,, letting others in, on my quest,,,

This quest is to learn all that I can,,, about the greatest being that ever existed, He is our Creator even,,,,,

I’m the typical man, as I don’t feel comfortable saying this,,, but I love Him so much,,,,,,,,,

And I want others to join in with me,,, learning to know God better,,,

Or at least as much as He will show me,,, which seems, and I hope and pray,,, to be plenty, an endless joy

His servant,


The great reasoning for choosing Christ


He is God, the second Peronage, (being or entity) of the Trinity,,,

- The Trinity explained:

o Which consists of 3 Personages



Holy Spirit

o The relationship to man is:

God says,,, “let Us, (all of the Trinity) create man in Our image”

We are made in three parts

Brain = memory, IQ, understanding

Body = physical being, host for other 2 parts

Soul = personality,

o The places in bible where this is stated


He is the only door that gets you into Heaven-

- There are no other ways to get into Heaven

o Even in Christianity, Satan has his corruptive hands, bringing division and mistrust

between all of the different denominations

I only hope + pray, our Lord will send someone that can correct us, and unite His


o Most other religions are false

No,,, all religion are not the same

· The 2 great religions that are not like the others,

o They both trust in the one God

o They use part of the bible

o They don’t depend on us, doing good, to become worthy of salvation

Satan is behind all the others

· Satan wants to turn people away from the One True God

o What Satan wants most, is to hurt God

o All people hurt God, by not choosing Him

We have no excuse, He has written His signature on al of


It is the disguised religion of this supposedly godless world

This religion is based on there being no other god

Making man as god, the top dog,

Which Satan knows, that our pride will like

o God will wipe our memories of those who do not believe Him choose

to trust and believe in His Son, Jesus

He does this for all of us too, because it would not be joyful, if

we remember all of our friends and family, that were in hell

He forgets those that do not go to heaven, so that He does not

feel the pain of lose

He is our father, and loves us as His children

Think how we hurt, when our children do wrong

He feels even more intensely for His children, than we can

feel for ours

· Satan knows that he is doomed,

o And wants to take as many of God’s greatest creation, (man) with


o To take them to hell,

o A place where God is not liked,

o And God does not control


They all say

o Only those which use the old testament are valid

Jews are followers of the Father


   I do not know much about muslims

· But they will be straightened out, and saved in the end

· Because of the promise given to Abraham and Ishmael’s mother

· They follow most of the old testament

He is a free gift from our Father

- God has thought of a way for us to be together for all time + after time runs out of existence

o All creation runs out of the energy God injects into it

Except those things He unites with Himself

· All material things burn out

o The energy loose order

n o It degrade

Looses ability to provide substance

It loses energy and goes cold

· If He breathes life into it

o It has the ability to exist eternal

o It creates it’s our state of being

It can exist forever

That is part of Him

That must be sad for Him

          He has given me the gift of understanding. I want to help, but I need some guidance, to use it on the right thing, the best thing for the short time that we have left, to assist the world, before we are evacuated. I feel that He will show me all things, everything that I ask to know, He teaches me. I think of my intelligence now, as more of the ability of letting Him teach me, than something that I figured out. That may be why I find things easy, because He gives me pictures of whatever I wish to see,,,,,, I want to tell others of how good He is to me,,, and ask if they know of a subject that i should concentrate on, without sounding boastful. I think that I have the servants heart, because what pleases me the most, is helping others,,, That is why I think i enjoy writing so much,,, to help to explain things to others,,, starting with the most important thing,,, their way to salvation. But I was thinking that maybe He has another thing to do for work for Him,,, as learning about Him, and showing others,,, brings a joy like no other for me. This I could do it, in my leisure time,,,,,,,,,,,,



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